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How To Use HelpDesk

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Published by in Service · 15 May 2019
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Contact the Mission Benefits HelpDesk for assistance with enrollments changes, claims issues, billing errors, or questions regarding your health plan.

The Mission Benefits HelpDesk is designed to manage service requests and transactions related to benefits administration. Every client request email is assigned a reference number which is used to track its progress through final resolution.

1. Send request email TO:
For best results, address your email directly to as the primary addressee. This will enable the system to automatically send you a notification email that has the tracking number. You can CC this message to your Account Manager.

2. Avoid CC: or BCC: to HelpDesk
When your message is received in HelpDesk, the system will automatically assign a tracking number and send you an email notification. This process applies when the primary recipient is and is disabled if the message was received via CC or BCC.

3. Check your email for the Tracking Number Notification
If you send a message with the subject line:

Your Subject: Request for assistance with billing error

You will receive a message with the subject line:

Notification Subject: ##TK01234## Request for assistance with billing error

Your request tracking number is ##TK01234##.

When your Account Manager responds to your email, it will include your unique tracking number in the subject line. Please do not modify or remove the tracking number when replying to emails. HelpDesk will keep track of all correspond regarding this request and serves are documentation in the event it is required to settle a dispute with the insurance carrier.

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