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Medicare Bridge

The Medicare Bridge is a medical plan designed for persons aged 60-95 waiting to enroll in Medicare but does not have other health insurance coverage. It provides up to 364 days of coverage per term. This plan is medically underwritten and is subject to pre-existing conditions.

At renewal, premiums are subject to change based on age and medical underwriting. Please contact Mission Benefits for additional details regarding coverage conditions.
Situation 1: Immigrants and Permanent Residents
Foreign nationals without US citizenship are usually eligible to enroll in Medicare after five years of US residency. If they have not paid into Social Security and paid Medicare taxes, they will pay for both Part A and Part B premiums.

Situation 2: Missed IEP - Initial Enrollment Period
If a Medicare-eligible person fails to enroll during an enrollment period, that person must wait until the next enrollment period. This can happen because Social Security does not send out reminders and enrollment is not automatic.

Situation 3: Enrolled in Part A or Part B Only
Some Medicare enrollees may have only Part A or Part B due to various circumstances. During the time they are waiting to enroll in the additional part, the Bridge Plan may be purchased to cover either Part A or Part B only.

Every situation is unique and may require additional research to determine the best coverage option.
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