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How A Combination Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plan Works

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Published by in Medicare · 15 June 2019
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A combination plan that includes coverage for dental, vision, and hearing is an attractive option for Medicare beneficiaries.

Unlike most dental or vision plans, the annual benefit amount is available to cover any or all of the following benefits:
Dental Coverage
  • Preventive Services
    • Semi-annual exams
    • Teeth cleaning
    • X-rays
    • No waiting period

  • Basic Services
    • X-rays
    • Fillings and extractions
    • Does not cover full mouth extractions
    • No waiting period

  • Major Services
    • Bridges and crowns
    • Full or partial dentures
    • Root canals
    • Full mouth extraction
    • Waiting period: 12 months
Vision Coverage
  • Basic eye examination: No waiting period
  • Eyeglasses or contact lens: 6 month waiting period
Hearing Coverage
  • Hearing examination
  • Hearing aid
  • Supplies or necessary repairs
  • Waiting period: 12 months for new hearing aids and existing hearing aid repairs
Not Covered By Medicare
Original Medicare Parts A and B do not cover dental, vision, and hearing benefits unless medically necessary. A separate plan provides the coverage required to receive dental, vision, and hearing benefits.
Enrollment Ages
This plan is available for individuals, families, and seniors enrolled in Medicare. Applicants ages 18 through 85 are accepted.

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